People are going crazy for sheet mask. They are affordable and work for everyone. But how do you choose what works for you?

Essentially a sheet mask consists of a cotton, paper, cloth or even silicon material that is packaged with a solution targeting a concern for the skin. They infuse ingredients into the skin to help improve targeted concerns. It is designed to be used for 10-15 mins at a time depending on the mask.

If you are not wanting to fork over the sometimes-big dollars for a targeting treatment, a sheet mask might just be the ticket to healthy glowing skin. Or likewise if you just want to pamper yourself. This isn’t a new trend as the South Korean cosmetic market have been providing a range of different masks for some time now however western brands have caught on and you are now seeing many department store brands and smaller organic retailers even making their own masks.

What makes a good mask? In this article, I want to guide towards what to look for when shopping for masks. When I say, they are in abundance I mean it. You can get full face masks, eye masks, chin masks, forehead masks and even gloves for the hands and feet. Knowing what to look for will help when making your selection. As much as you want to don’t go for the cute designs unless its going to benefit your skin.

Rinse off or Leave on?

Depending on the style of mask the instructions may ask the wearer to rinse the solution off after application. This may be due to high levels of corrosive or acidic ingredients. I recommend not looking too deep into these. A sheet mask proves the potential to use the contents as a serum to get the most out of the mask. Having longer exposure to the ingredients will give the skin more time to absorb and harness them for their healing potential so try and use masks that are ok to be left on. If I wanted to rinse off my mask id consider clay or Enzyme masks where I will achieve the maximum absorption and then remove as that’s how it functions on the skin. Chemical exfoliants on a sheet mask? Not the best idea if they are asking you to rinse.

POSITIVE – Ingredients

The following are some of the more commonly found ingredients in sheet mask. They are adaptable to a range of skin types and conditions.  

Hyaluronic Acid – Humectant, Hydrating and Restorative.

Ceramide – Lipids, Skin Replenishing.

Caffeine – Anti-oxidants, Soothing and revitalising.

Green Tea Extract – Detoxifying and purifying.

Glycerin – Humectant. Hydrating and Restorative.

Collagen – Plumping & Strengthening.

Aloe Vera – Soothing & Hydrating.


NEGATIVE – Ingredients

The following are what you want to see on the lower end if not at all the ingredient listing. Of course, some of these are for preservative value but if they are within the top 60% of the ingredient listing it’s not worth It. When I say percentage, I’m referring to how many ingredients are before it not its percentage in formulation overall.


ALCOHOL – This plays a big factor but try and keep it low and look for Butylene glycol Or your natural derived alcohols.

Silicates or Silicon – The solution not the mask itself.

Fragrances or Perfumes – They aren’t going to do anything for your skin. There is a difference between product ingredients that make it smell good and a product that’s designed to smell good.

Shop around you will be able to find a range of brands and styles that will suit the results you are after. Online and store retailers are a great way to pick one up here and there to build a collection. Pop them in the fridge on a hot day and they are better than a cold shower!

What are some of your favourites? I love Dr Jart, Tony Moly and even Sephora home brand. Let me know your successes.

C.G x