Hylamide C25

DECIEM | The Abnormal Beauty Company

OK. Firstly, I cannot go into this product without first talking about DECIEM. For the last 12 months and only growing from there, I have been exposed to this company and they are putting their mark on the industry.

Starting trading in 2013 and building their umbrella to more than 10 brands, Each with their own input into the market. I noticed the brand Hylamide in Priceline one day when on the hunt for something new.

Since then I have been expanding and trailing other amazing ranges like The Ordinary and NOID. Now I’m looking forward to what more they can excite me with.


Hylamide C25

I’m always looking for different treatments to give my skin that Vitamin C that it's always craving. I was not disappointed with this one. I will say however it was a learning curve for my skin.

When I first started trailing this product. I am going, to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it. The results I was getting were great however, I couldn’t get passed the consistency. The only way I can describe this texture is like a dry silky oil texture. That doesn’t sound bad and it isn’t, however, I have had years and years of working within the retail market so anything remotely silky-silicone feeling turns me off. This doesn’t have silicon. Promise! Instead, it is a very simple but effective booster.

I LOVE this with a hyaluronic serum. I found that this gives me amazing adoption and leaves the skin feeling supple. You can use the product on its own and I have had clients enjoy is as a make u base as it gives a radiant glow.

So, what’s in it?

Not much and that’s exactly why I like it.

- The main active is Ethyl-Ascorbate complex which has been created to provide 25% pure Ethyl-Ascorbic Acid. This is your Vitamin C cocktail and will heal, protect and give you a radiance to your skin. 
- The solution is diluted in Ethoxydiglycol, an odourless and colourless solvent that gives the product the buffer for effective absorption. I believe this also gives it that silky texture.
- Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid and Phenylethyl Resorcinol aid in brightening the skin. Targeting Hyperpigmentation, they also strengthen the skin and reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

This is a super brief review as the product does exactly what it says. With high concentrates of Vitamin C this is a fantastic product to be available on the retail market. Stable and effective I’ve nearly finished mine and am still find the same great results as first opened.

Do note being a high concentrate that its best to keep in a cool dark place and with more uses, it will discolour due to oxidisation. I’m nearly finished and only starting to find that but that is a given with these types of products.

I recommend this for anyone wanting to take the Vitamin C intake up a notch. It is active without causing irritation and would work for a range of skin types and conditions. Like I said, play around and see how you like to use it, mixed into a serum cocktail or layered under a skin oil.