Rose tint my world...

Since a youngin I have been obsessed with the transformation. My favourite movie since I was 5 has always been and always will be The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Richard O’Brian is responsible for the ...more than slightly camp therapist you see today.

A mixture of skin care science and treatment obsession I search for and let investigate products, treatments and how the development can make or break a product.

My current journey has taken me to a range of different environments. Spas and cosmetic treatments, straight back into the retail setting. The learning doesn't stop here it is ever growing and I will always change my mind. It's something that as humans we have a right to.

Therefore I bring you this, a way that you can explore different aspects of the beauty with me.  These are my opinions. Do I think I know everything? Absolutely not, but Knowledge is power so let's grow together

DISCLAIMER: Working within and alongside developers I am often offered products for review. Know that all views are my own. I do not offer placement or acknowledgement unless deserved. 

C.G Xx