Pixi Glow Tonic

Firstly, I cannot say that this is a toner. I just can’t bring myself to say it.

Does it fall into the toner field… yeah….no. To me, it’s more of a treatment or peel product. Does it prep the skin and regulate the PH level? YES. But it does so SO much more.

Turn over the bottle and dive deep into what puts the product on the top shelf when it comes to the important step of skincare prep after cleansing.

Witch Hazel-  Instant flash for your skin. Helps to break down any remaining oil that is on the surface weather that’s residue cleanser or even SPF that’s not willing to budge after double cleansing.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – Soothing and Hydrating. It provides great slip for your serums and treatments to follow.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract – Skin soothing. Great anti-inflammatory and skin strengthened to bring down the post-shower red face. Which if you’re coming out red, makes sure your water is not too hot! No one wants broken capillaries!!!

Glycolic Acid – They have done it well. It’s rare that I come across a product that I can safely say that I see results. The formulation of the product has been developed beautifully. Not many glycolic acid products on the market can be applied to the skin with minimal reaction at this intensity. Working in salons and retail market I can tell you that the glycolic settles into the skin willingly due to the ingredients above providing a buffer. Maximum results with minimal irritation. Good Job PIXI!!

How do I use it?

Apply on a cotton pad and swipe, swipe, swipe. I personally take somewhat close to the under-eye area with no irritation but please be careful as it has astringents which will be uncomfortable and damaging if skin is not stabilised.

Don’t forget to flip the cotton pad over and go in for layer 2. Don’t waste that product!

I tend to use this 3-4 times per week in the evenings. You can use daily however with the products in my current rotation it sits well as a balance in-between my emulsion and lotions.

What can I see It providing?

As a skin resurface this works amazingly. Now that I live in a highly sunny and humid climate I don’t particularly want to scrub or peel my protective layers off all the time. Especially with shaving and constant cosmetic cleansing.

This is a simple product that takes care of the prep for my hydrating and nourishing products as well as slowly resurfacing my skin and keeping the texture smooth and clear.

Who can I see using it?

Guys and gals would love it. If you are a makeup wearer, then this will be your saving grace for silicon build up and pore clearing. Guys using this on your face and neck is the perfect prep for shaving (Obviously not right after OUCH!).

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think


LQD - EYE restore

A complete restoration for your eye area. LQD EYE restore has been a saving grace for my tired eyes.

What is it?

Eye gel/treatment designed to plump, firm, hydrate and brighten the eye area

Who is it for?

All skin types and ages can be used as maintenance and correction treatment.



What’s in it?

The breakdown:

Water & Aloe Babadensis Leaf Juice -  Base agent -  Soothing and hydrating.

Acetyl Octapeptide-3 – Peptide – SNAP-8 – Lifting and firming

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – Peptide – Argireline – Muscle relaxant. Reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 – Peptide - Eyeseryl – Reduces puffiness and dark circles

Sodium Hyaluronate – Hyaluronic acid – Humectant.

Caffeine – Stimulant and aids in penetration – Constricts blood vessels and aids in product simulation.

Natural? Organic? Man-made? Vegan?


How do you use it?

Apply half a pump to ring finger, distribute between both eyes morning and evening.

What’s good about it?

IT IS PACK FULL OF ACTIVE PEPTIDES, this puppy will give you the pick me up you have been looking for. Hydrating and light weight it is comfortable to use morning and evening and the added bonus of 2 ingredients that work to help with dark circles is incredible.

Where to use in your routine?

Morning and evening. Use as an eye treatment in the evening or Morning and evening as daily hydration.

Works great with – Post retinol. Helps to restore eye area after a retinol has been used on the face.

Doesn't work so great with – Other eye products. This is a treatment and serum in one. Laying with other eye products isn’t recommended.

Price and Availability?

$95.00 -  Sold within Sephora Australia and online at www.Lqd.com.au . Shipped internationally and have just been launched in Bloomingdales in the US.

Ingredient Spotlight: Galactomyces

When branching into the world of skin brightening and residence we commonly associate these with you hardcore vitamin A’s and C’s as this is all when have had in main stream retail cosmetics since the beginning of time. Well … Not strong or active ones but the idea remains the same. However, over the past hundred years, there have been remedies and cultural explorations of the power of nature and how it affects the body that we are now accepting as a normal trait within the industry.

Galactomyces or Galactomyces Ferment is an enzyme generated during the fermentation process of rice wine. The South Korean market have been using ingredients such as this for many years however the secret has only become more accessible through the popularity of the brand SKII and their Pitera complex. Decades before the advance machinery of modern age, Workers would spend days hand pressing rice and countless other ingredients to produce sake. They found these workers showed considerable less ageing in their hands than their face. Having glowing, healthy, hydrated hands when after years of hardship and toil working in the brewery should be showing the mostly wear and tear.

This funny enough is commonly how many ingredients we know today were discovered. Founded by the workers on oil drills. The residue that was created from the machinery was protecting and healing. Refined we today call it Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline.


How does it work?

The enzymatic properties of Galactomyces naturally soften the skin. As do many other fermented plant extracts its packed full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals giving the skin hydration, plum and radiance. The natural amino acids found also help to brighten and rejuvenate the epidermis. Giving the skin a brighter, smoother complexion.

What would it be good for?

Brightening!  Depending on the product and level of ingredient percentage, you can rely that this ingredient will help your skins natural ability to protect from pollutant as well as restore your lipid barrier to lock in moisture. Amino acids will work on revitalising your skin as the nature enzymes we produce slow down over the years, this will keep a healthy flow of vitamins and minerals to boost skin elasticity and bounce.

Where can I get it?

Apart from SKII’s Pitera it is not commonly in the retail market here in Australia. I have found majority of Korean skin care brands are running with the product and have exclusive ranges dedicated to them. Keeping it cheap and the percentage high they are amazing products and defiantly worth a try.

I have access to Pure Heal’s by Nature Village. A brand sold within the Sephora Australia stores. I have purchased 3 items I have been using for roughly a month now and even with the constant trailing of other products I have still be reaching for them. A routine that cost under $100 Aus.

If you have any questions regarding the products listed or would like to know more drop me an email at cgstherapies@gmail.com or leave me a comment.